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"What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes."
   -Elizabeth Barret Browning

Tantika Imports Inc., was established in 1990 by President/Founder Kul Vaid. Prior to the birth of Tantika, Kul worked in the wine industry under Jacob Gerhardt Wines Ltd., located in London, England, starting in 1977 and soon after, relocated to the US in 1983. 


As the premier Importer & Distributor of Fine European wines in the state of Illinois, Tantika Imports Inc., strides to bring fine quality wines to the tables and glasses of millions everyday.


Tantika Imports Inc., carries a fine selection of European and Californian wine. Currently, we carry approximately 75 labels from 14 grape varietals from all over Europe and the US. Tantika has imported wine from the Gerhardt family for the past 25 years, sustaining high quality wines with noticeble character from bottling to the everlasting notes of our genuine products.


For more information about our wine selection, please feel free to browse this website and contact us with any questions. To all, Cheers!

Kul Vaid

Founder & President

Tantika Imports Inc., dba Vintner Imports Inc.

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